Employee Absence Management

Never drop the ball.

What are your typical problems?

  • Your people don't plan their absences properly
    This means you have absenteeism costs (you can't even measure them!) and you run legal risks.
  • The work they do is not properly handed off during their absence.
    This means you have delays in work due.
  • Your critical employees take vacation at the same time.
    This means you have performance bottlenecks, since everybody is waiting for them to return.

Our answer is Profluo EAM

The Employee

  • Initiates an absence request, specifying the duration, the type of request (vacation, business travel, medical etc)
  • Designates the back-up during the absence period

The Back-up

  • Checks if it is feasible to perform the back-up role
  • Confirms the capacity and capability to stand in for the absent employee

The Manager

  • Reviews task assignment to back-up
  • Approves absence
  • Oversees all absences

The HR Department

  • Synchronizes absence to payroll and other systems (benefits, training, business travel etc)
  • Updates meal tickets report and other statutory reports

Integrates with other Profluo apps

Integrates with your apps

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