Employee Disbursements

Prevent mistakes or fraud.

What are your typical problems?

  • Your give out cash advances manually.
    This means you have many people handling cash and risk fraud, losses or mistakes.
  • Your Expense Reports are full of mistakes: advances not matching, personal amounts not withheld.
    This means you pay for stuff that is not yours.
  • Your Expense Reports are usually overdue.
    This means you run statutory risks and you may not have all supporting documents.

Our answer is Profluo ED

The Employee*

  • Initiates a cash advance request
  • Initiates and fills in Expense Report

The Manager

  • Approves cash advance request
  • Approves Expense Report

The Finance Department

  • Enforces accounting rules
  • Validates supporting documents
  • Flags errors to Manager
  • Posts Expense Reports automatically

*Simplified flows available: Imprest, Company Card

Integrates with other Profluo apps

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



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