Asset Management

Protect your investments.

What are the typical problems?

  • Assets are scattered throughout the company and nobody remembers exactly where they are and who owns them.
    There is opportunity for theft and misappropriation.
  • There is no stock of applicable warranty provisions, no track record of maintenance performed and no asset condition monitoring.
    So maintenance is more expensive than normal, and asset replacement is quicker, putting pressure on your cashflow.
  • Regular stock taking - if any - is cumbersome and never quite successful.
    The process incurs excessive and unneccessary expenses.

Our answer is Profluo Asset Management

Asset Stockkeeper

  • Prepares assets for production: installs, adds asset in application (including scans), including warranty clauses or maintenance instructions
  • Tags the asset, assigns location and end user
  • Hands the prepared asset over to the end user
  • Approves asset decommissioning and recommends the proper way to dispose and possibly recover some of its value

Asset Responsible (End User)

  • Uses the asset and continuously monitors its condition
  • Initiates asset transfer between locations and ownership areas
  • Periodically confirms assets in ownership and their reported condition
  • Initiates asset decommissioning if and when the asset condition reaches the defined critical level

Budget owner

  • Approves disposal and recovery methods for decommissioned assets - return on supplier credit, scrapping, donation, sale

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

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