Contract Management

Monitor your legal and commercial compliance.

What are the typical problems?

  • Contract execution is not monitored after signing.
    This translates to hidden costs and unwanted risks.
  • Deadlines are not being enforced with 3rd parties.
    There are opportunities to renegociate and enhance contractual protection.
  • Contract exit clauses are not being monitored.
    Contract renewal always happens inefficiently and under time pressure.

Our answer is Profluo Contract Management

Contract administrator

  • Adds signed contracts (including scans) in the application, which automatically notifies the Contract Owner
  • Edits contracts throughout their lifecycle, the application automatically versions the changes, keeping a transparent history

Contract Owner

  • Approves and monitors contract execution
  • Sets up reminders for any contract meta-data, adds comments and keeps a track of contractual performance
  • Is notified by the application on any contract edits and as per the set reminders

Contract Monitor

  • Can view and analyze any company contracts - a useful role for Legal, Accounting and Management

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



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