Corrective Maintenance

Fix the support tickets quickly and efficiently.

What are the typical problems?

  • Customer ticket response is inefficient, via phone or email.
    There is no way you can enforce a quality standard for support.
  • There is no reporting on time spent or tech headcount allocated for issue resolution.
    You cannot understand how to optimize your support efforts.
  • Customers are dissatisfied with your SLA compliance.
    This lead to relationship damage, and you spend more on penalties and customer retention.

Our answer is Profluo Corrective Maintenance

Ticket initiator

  • Creates tickets very fast and easy, the application automatically enforces the applicable SLA and notifies Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Takes over the ticket, applies fix, monitors the resolution and the application notifies the initiator

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



Wanna see how it works?