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Fully automate accounting document processing with AI

We eliminate manual processes and improve data accuracy with the most powerful machine learning engine.

National technology recognition

Profluo was awarded two prizes at the competition organized by the InnovX BCR accelerator:

“The Most Performant Startup” award

“The Most Performant Startup” award

The UiPath award for “The Best Automation Solution”

The UiPath award for “The Best Automation Solution”

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How it works

Using its own artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, Profluo can process an impressive volume of financial and accounting documents and perform a large number of validations specific to the Romanian market and legislation - all automatically.

Profluo adapts to either of the two scenarios: standard/optical and e-Invoice. The application's capabilities allow us to carry out custom implementations and integrations that fully serve the needs of large and medium-sized companies.

The e-Invoice processing flow

Fast and intuitive, the Profluo solution for e-Invoice helps you to post your own invoices or those of your clients in the SPV, as well as to take over e-invoices in a completely automated manner.

Sending e-Invoices

Profluo has the capability to retrieve invoices from various sources:

  • email/IMAP
  • sFTP
  • Profluo API endpoint
  • optical format (.pdf, .jpg, .png)

These invoices enter the optical processing flow, where mandatory information is extracted through the optical Machine Learning engine.

Once confirmed as correctly extracted, the invoices are converted into the mandatory format and content as required by the target UBL or EDIFACT standard.

Profluo stores the official e-Invoices as required by the local legislation and generates a PDF version that is easy to inspect and audit.

Retrieving e-Invoices

It is done automatically (with a customizable polling interval) or manually. Profluo automatically detects and reconciles duplicate documents across all ingress channels.

Once downloaded, the e-invoices are subjected to automatic accounting procedures (inventory, financial, managerial) through Profluo's Machine Learning engine.

The accounted invoices are exported in the ERP-agreed format or are automatically sent via API.

Profluo stores the official e-Invoice, with the central authority seal (as applicable) and a PDF version that is easy to inspect and audit.

Do you need a partner for implementing e-Invoice workflows?

Optical processing flow

Profluo ensures the automatic end-to-end processing of documents: from email retrieval, optical or electronic processing, and intelligent validations to AI-driven automatic accounting and digital archiving.

Scanned documents (.pdf, .jpeg, .png) are automatically retrieved from the client's email address and prepared for processing (registry flow automation).

Scanned documents enter the optical processing flow where mandatory information is extracted through our OCR engine, recognizing words and language. After making corrections and normalizations, it validates traditional invoices as electronic invoices.

Our proprietary Machine Learning engine automatically carries out primary accounting and provides configurable routes for accelerated automatic accounting learning.

Inventory accounting: client product IDs, management location IDs, conversion factors based on units of measure, and historical price analysis

Financial accounting: accounting templates, intelligent VAT regime treatment (reverse charge, exemptions)

Managerial accounting (controlling): cost centers, profit centers, projects, types of expenses, etc.

To automate the entire process, Profluo is integrated with most local accounting systems and global ERPs, transferring recorded data in seconds.

  • Manual export (in the ERP-requested format, does not require additional conversions)
  • Automatic export
  • Synchronization with classifications
  • API endpoints
  • JSON format for electronic invoice
  • XML format for e-Invoice (UBL 2.1)
  • XML format for invoices (EDIFACT)
  • PDF format for archiving

Do you want to see how our application works?
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Why choose Profluo as your solution for intelligent document processing?

  • The team: +20 years of experience in the financial-accounting area and software development
  • The portfolio: significant enterprise clients, deep exposure in large accounting firms
  • The volumes: +1 million real invoices processed, +20 million accounting entries automatically entered
  • Ensures both the power of generalization and precision in the context of each client
  • A deep understanding of invoices, including their commercial, tax, and accounting context
  • An intelligent anticipation of the workflow of invoice operators
  • High and flexible security: role-based access, multi-tenant client architecture, proprietary authorization concept
  • Agile architecture: allows for custom installationsDeep integrations with most local and international ERPs and accounting programs
  • Technology readily available in an international context: multilingual portal, machine learning algorithms that progressively form specialized vocabularies in the languages detected on documents

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