Orchestrate your Organization.

What are your typical problems?

  • Most of your employment paperwork is manual.
    This means you are missing many opportunities to save money.
  • Your on-boarding process is wasteful.
    This means your new employee is not productive for weeks.
  • Your off-boarding process is unclear.
    This means your assets may be misused and lost.

Our answer is Profluo H2R

The HR Department

  • Initiates a hiring request, and the manager of the new job approves
  • In case of separation, triggers the reverse process

Facility, Security

  • Prepares new desk
  • Issues access badge
  • Applies the company car policy
  • Performs induction of new employee

The IT Department

  • Prepares laptop and phone
  • Grants access rights to network
  • Grants access rights to business applications

The Manager

  • Performs orientation
  • Performs business training

Integrates with other Profluo apps

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



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