Inventory Management

Sell more and control the waste!

What are the typical problems?

  • Many mistakes when receiving or issuing goods, corrections are getting out of hand.
    This entails higher costs in correcting errors and slowing down the sales cycle.
  • The inventory system is antiquated, cumbersome and cannot be integrated with your order fulfillment process.
    There is significant double work that creates massive waste and delays - your stock is not up to date, you end up selling out of stock items or missing sales on items on stock.
  • Your inventory system is hardly configurable and cannot keep up with your business.
    Your stock snapshot is old, incomplete and inconsistent, losing sales opportunities.

Our answer is Profluo Inventory Management


  • Receives and issues goods based on previous flows (GRNs come from Purchase Orders, GINs come from Sales Orders, consumptions come from internal orders), therefore removing double work and errors


  • Reconciles the differences to invoices received

Automatic stock replenishment

  • Stock replenishment policies can be set up to automate the requisitioning process

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



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