Accelerate your deliveries, billings and cashflow.

What are the typical problems?

  • Fulfillment activities are being tracked manually.
    This leads to delays, confusion, mistakes, swelling costs for billing and cashing in.
  • Billing activities are being informed from various info, on email or post-its.
    Billing mistakes delay cashing in and damage the relationship with the customers.
  • Cash incomings are not being monitored or are being followed up with delays.
    This leads to late payments or no payments at all.

Our answer is Profluo Order-to-Cash

Order processing

  • Can either happen entirely in the Profluo portal, or can be automated via integrations to your customer's procurement systems


  • Is being generated based on customer sales orders and can be tracked in real time all the way to the customer
  • Inventory moves happen in Profluo Inventory or are integrated with your own inventory system


  • Invoices are generated automatically, based on delivered sales orders, contractual clauses or preset invoicing calendar
  • For specific situations, invoices may be subject to formal approval, either individually or in automated batches


  • Can be configured to notify late payment customers, with escalation to other departments (Finance, Legal)

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



Wanna see how it works?