Integrate and monitor your production activities in real-time.

What are the typical problems?

  • Your production flow is not transparent and there's inexplicable delays in order processing.
    Losses are large and pretty much untraceable.
  • Input consumption (people, materials, energy, time) is relatively unknown.
    There is massive opportunity for savings.
  • The Bills of Materials are vague and there is no monitoring of the deviations.
    Large losses occur throughout production.

Our answer is Profluo Production

Production orders

  • Are automatically generated from Sales Orders (Profluo O2C or your external fulfillment system).
    Material consumption and finished product creation occur by applying Bills of Materials

Bills of Materials

  • Are dynamically created and maintained.
    The application is extremely flexible, allowing for BoM alternatives, variants and versions

Production alerts

  • The application generates automatic production reports and various alerts can be configured, based on your own production KPIs fulfillment

Integrations to production systems

  • Existing machines permitting, our platform can integrate them, or external telemetry solutions can be deployed on our platform to monitor and act in real-time on energy efficiency metrics

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

Active Directory



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