Stop wasting money.

What are your typical problems?

  • You either don't control or control manually your expenses from suppliers.
    This means you are missing many opportunities to save money
  • You sometimes pay the same invoice twice or you pay amounts overdue.
    This means you may be incurring extra expenses.
  • Your accounting team struggles with VAT statements due to delays in checking invoices.
    This means you risk VAT penalties.

Our answer is Profluo S2P

The Employee

  • Initiates requisitions for goods and services
  • The application looks up in the company's inventory and proposes to acquire only the items not in stock; for all others it notifies stockkeeping and prepares the goods issue note

The Approver

  • Is notified by the application of the intent to acquire or to consume items and approves according to budget


  • The requisitions are automatically consolidated in an electronic purchasing basket and Purchasing places centralized orders to suppliers
  • Urgent petty purchases are routed through a direct procedure, and the application organizes the expense report and proposes the corresponding invoices
  • The application intelligently captures excess quantities and prices and re-routes them for approval, reinforcing budgetary discipline

The Receiver

  • Is notified both by incoming goods and by outgoing goods
  • The application automatically prepares the stockkeeping paperwork (goods receipt notes and goods issue notes) and immediately proposes them to the stockkeeper for validation
  • The application works simultaneously with an unlimited number of warehouse locations

The Finance Department

  • The application reconciles the invoices with the orders and receipts and automatically releases the correct transactions to payment, but in case of differences it blocks the invoices and escalates the whole case (invoice, order, receipt) to the Purchasing Department

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