Automate your cash management.

What are the typical problems?

  • Cash management (cash advances, expense reports) happens in Excel templates, manually, on email and in the accounting system.
    These petty activities are a resource hog in Accounting, and those resources are more expensive every year.
  • Outgoing and incoming amounts are manually processed into the accounting system based on printed bank statements.
    Delays and mistakes are frequent and an accurate bank statement is hard to produce on a daily basis.
  • Overdues reports are delayed and hard to track on a daily basis.
    There are delays in cashing in due amounts.

Our answer is Profluo Treasury

Cash advances and expense reports

  • Created in the portal, approved by managers and processed by accounting
  • Expense reports are suggested for settlement with any open advances
  • Expense reports can be prepared for expenses with cash (RON, hard currencies), card, permanent advances (Imprest)
  • Expense reports automatically apply deductible per-diems and any other expense policies in the company
  • Reminders can be set for overdue cash advances and expense reports

Incoming and outgoing cash

  • Can be processed manually in the portal (by matching with invoices from O2C and S2P, respectively) or automatically via imports of electronic bank statements (PDF or SWIFT messages)
  • Payment proposals can be imported in the e-banking systems of your banks
  • Cash incoming can be visually compared with customer open items for faster and more accurate settlement
  • The imported and processed bank statements can be integrated to your accounting system, to eliminate rework

Bank accounts

  • New banks and bank accounts are easily created, the IBAN code is automatically validated

Integrates with other Profluo applications

Integrates with your apps

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