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Client testimonials

Discover why innovative companies choose Profluo to digitize their business.

We are extremely pleased to have Profluo as a partner. At Glovo, we are constantly looking for partners who support us in achieving our mission "to give everyone easy access to anything in their city". Throughout our collaboration with Profluo in Romania, we have managed to simplify and optimize the flow of financial processes, thereby achieving improved fluidity, clarity, and efficiency.

Denisa Ghiță

Finance Manager

As an accounting firm, processing customer invoices had turned into typing work, was time-consuming, and obviously led to errors. We started working with Profluo in 2021, and this has eased our work, eliminated data entry errors, and saved us a lot of processing time. I have been concerned about automating work processes for a long time, since the work done by my colleagues means not just document processing, but also the operation and interpretation of information. With Profluo, we have more time to add value to our clients, to analyze their results, and to provide them with tax consultancy.

Valentina Saygo

Managing Partner

The goal of Rom Service Construct is to provide solutions for civil and industrial construction, professional training of the workforce, and integration of human resources from abroad. Part of the guarantee for our projects is the fast and accurate processing of supplier documents. Therefore, we turned to the Profluo solution, which brings the power of Artificial Intelligence to solve repetitive and error-prone tasks in accounting activities. It also improves the quality of the information sent to the accounting system - information necessary for various reports to local authorities. We believe that Profluo brings a higher level of information accuracy and provides more free time for other activities, such as professional development.

Livia Rotaru

Economic Director

Profluo is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, with users quickly becoming familiar with its functionalities. We were impressed by both the flexibility offered by Profluo and the numerous customization options. The ability to easily learn transactions with the accounting accounts specific to each client, as well as integration with various ERP systems, convinced us to choose Profluo as our partner in our automation and digitization process.

Ionuț Petroiu

Automation Team Lead, Outsourcing

Collaborating with Profluo has represented a major evolution for Arval in terms of efficiency and speed in processing invoices. Following the implementation of the digital workflow, we managed to save a significant number of working hours, achieving a remarkable level of accuracy in the processed data. Additionally, adjusting to the new way of working was smooth and did not have a negative impact on our day-to-day operations. Profluo's approach has been professional, and they promptly responded to additional requests and inquiries, leading us to appreciate that the customized solution for Arval's needs is robust and efficient.

Ștefan Doboș​

Global Operations Manager

We operate in a high-performance environment and must process thousands of invoices monthly. This volume puts significant pressure on the quality of service assumed in front of the client and local authorities, as well as on colleagues in the department, leaving no room for time or personnel losses. Thus, Profluo has tremendously helped us by greatly reducing the processing time of invoices, allowing us to focus on improving the quality of services and truly important activities.

Anca Oprea


With the help of Profluo, we have managed to automate and streamline recurring activities in accounting, allowing us to focus on activities that bring added value to our clients. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the team is always ready to answer our questions or suggestions. Partnering with Profluo gives us confidence that, in turn, we provide quality services to our clients. I believe that the Profluo platform is the tool that should not be missing from any accounting firm!

Simona Marilena Stănculescu

Managing Partner

Ever since we met the Profluo team and their robot Robin, we haven't turned down any new clients, there has been no need to recruit new people, processing errors have disappeared, and a task that used to take us 5 days to complete is now done in a single day. Robin handles the repetitive work, and we handle the rest. Besides the diligent robot, we have the Profluo team with whom we communicate smoothly, who understands us, and carries out their activities tailored to our needs. After the first month of working with the new platform, colleagues noticed that there was no need for overtime anymore. We had time for archiving, for completing the taxpayer files from the tax authority, to respond to clients' emails in real-time, and to address their requests. We feel that we can rely on the platform at any time. I recommend the Profluo team if you want to focus on what matters, if you want to avoid the stress of not meeting deadlines for declarations, if you want to have all invoices scanned in one place, and if you want to work with beautiful people, professionals who not only talk but also make things happen.

Lumis Expert Team

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